Enter the Duty of Care Awards

Enter the Duty of Care awards

Duty of Care refers to the moral and legal obligations that employers have to their workforce to maintain their wellbeing, security and safety at home and abroad.

With globalisation, more and more people are travelling and working across borders. Recent studies point to a 25 percent increase in international assignees over the past decade and a 50 percent expected growth in mobile workers by 2020.

Wherever their workers are located, organisations must address concerns like injury, illness, traffic accidents, opportunistic crime and natural disasters. A preventive approach is best to assess health and security risks, reduce incidents and provide an adequate assistance response to their staff.

The Global Duty of Care Awards recognises organisations and individuals with a proactive approach to the mitigation of travel risk. The awards honour those who design, implement and improve systems to reduce travel, health and security risks and contribute to effectively protecting workers overseas.

The awards are open to all companies, institutions and non-government organisations in all sectors. Winners will receive a distinctive trophy, certificate and entitlement to use a special winners’ logo. You can find more information, and the entry form, at www.dutyofcareawards.com.

Launched in March 2012, the International SOS Foundation aims to improve the safety, security, health and welfare of people working abroad or on remote assignments through the study, understanding and mitigation of potential risks. The foundation is a registered charity and was started with a grant from International SOS. It is a fully independent, not-for-profit organisation.

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