Education from Alco-Safe

Education from ALCO-Safe

Alco-Safe has introduced a line of educational handbooks designed to assist in reducing the incidence of positive drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

In addition to educational talks on the dangers of alcohol and drugs in the workplace – which tend to have a short-term impact, therefore needing to be repeated frequently, and can cost large companies with high staff volumes money in lost productivity – employees can take the handbooks home with them, to read at leisure and consult at any time they need to refresh their information.

Rhys Evans, director at Alco-Safe, says: “We are finding that many organisations struggle to communicate with staff around controversial topics such as the effects of alcohol and alcohol abuse as, often, education on such matters can come across as lecturing to employees. Many organisations are having far more success by educating their staff with these booklets, either to supplement an educational talk, or as a stand-alone campaign.”

Other booklets are available on a wide range of topics: from the effects of alcohol and drugs to safety in the workplace, and other sensitive topics such as HIV and tuberculosis (TB). The content of the booklets has been designed to be conversational and informative, rather than instructional or cautionary.

“Staff respond well to information coming from a trusted or external source as it is seen as being external from the organisation, and not part of a disciplinary process. Businesses are having a lot of success with these booklets, and are finding that they are contributing to a marked improvement in alcohol-testing results,” concludes Evans.

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