Digital duo unites

(From left) Business Connexion’s Louis van Wyk, PE International’s solution manager Johannes Gediga and Jaco Moolman, managing executive for Business Connexion’s energy and industrial solutions.

A strong belief in innovation and a holistic client offering are steadfast values for any business. Business Connexion – a leading African integrator of innovative business solutions, based on information and communications technology – says that this is exactly what enables it to create energy-efficient solutions for clients wanting to optimise their energy assets, reduce their carbon footprint and create long-term saving opportunities.

However, the company is taking this even further through its partnership with SoFi software, offered by PE International. This company enables organisations to integrate their products and achieve improved sustainability performance by helping them to uncover sustainability gaps and improvement opportunities.

Vanessa Olver, deputy CEO at Business Connexion, explains: “SoFi software is a tool to aggregate enterprise sustainability data and performance for energy, carbon, water and other environmental, social and financial indicators across a company’s operations.”

Dr Johannes Gediga, regional sales manager at PE International, adds that for the fifth consecutive year, SoFi software has been ranked in the top five energy, carbon and sustainability solutions – according to The Enterprise Carbon Accounting report.

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