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Safety signs, pipe markers, CLP-labels and area markings can instruct or warn co-workers about potential danger when and where they need such information the most. They can also be used to increase workplace efficiency in line with 5S and lean-manufacturing models.

Brady offers a suite of durable pipe markers, safety signs, CLP-labels and area markings designed to make the workplace compliant, safe and more efficient.

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– Pipe markers: clearly communicate the content of pipes so co-workers immediately know which handles they can safely operate, and first responders know what to look out for.

– CLP-labels: easily identify the dangers associated with chemicals stored on the work floor.

– Area markings: identify safe walking areas to avoid accidents between pedestrians, forklifts and other vehicles.

– Safety signs: communicate important information quickly and on the spot by using internationally recognised pictograms to prohibit, warn, caution, share mandatory requirements, evacuate or locate fire-fighting equipment.

Furthermore, printing your own pipe markers, safety signs, CLP-labels and area markings grant full control over workplace identification.

Discover practical examples in Brady’s 16 visuals guide for an upgraded workplace!

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