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Vice Governor Zhang Jian Guo presenting a gift to Dave King, executive chairman of MICROmega, during his visit to the company’s head office in Sandton, Johannesburg.

When one thinks of working conditions in China a “sweatshop” scenario tends to come to mind (thanks Hollywood). But NOSA, supplier of occupational risk management services and solutions, is changing this as it recently held an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) meeting with delegates from the Chinese province Shandong – the second most populated region and biggest industrial producer in the country.

The gathering follows an introductory meeting that was held in the province, last year, as various government officials requested a follow-up with NOSA. They want to better understand how the company can assist in improving OHS conditions for organisations within the province. NOSA presented the latest South African OHS industry developments, and its own diverse product and service offering, to the delegates.

Greg Morris, CEO of NOSA’s holding company – MICROmega – says: “Our meeting was a success and we are pleased to report that NOSA has been formally invited to participate in Shandong Province’s initiative to improve worker safety.” He adds that the support the company received from Vice Governor Zhang Jian Guo will undoubtedly accelerate NOSA’s business development in the province.

“With South Africa being a member of BRICS, and with a global trend towards improving OHS standards, we consider NOSA’s role as integral to information sharing with the other member countries,” states Morris.

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