Clothes don’t make the firefighter (but they do help)

Clothes don’t make the firefighter (but they do help)

Firefighters definitely are everyday heroes and heroines, lending selfless helping hands when things go up in flames. But these brave blaze battlers need some sophisticated personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them against their inferno foes.

Siva Govender, director of Centa Group, explains that firefighters are exposed to harsh conditions and need the protection of reliable clothing that can withstand the effects of elevated temperatures and thermal flux. “Centa Group’s range of fire protection clothing is designed to offer protection to firefighters from the thermal environments experienced during firefighting,”? he adds.

The company’s protective gear, suitable for any superhero, includes durable bunker and arc flash suits, firefighting boots, helmets, balaclavas, goggles and protective gloves“ which all meet stringent quality and safety specifications, including approval from the National Fire Protection Association.

Centa’s firefighting combat suits consist of a coat and pull-on strap trousers, which are manufactured from four layers of fabric. The outer shell is a blended, anti-tearing, rip-stop fabric made from Nomex and Kevlar, with a moisture and thermal barrier quilted onto an aramid-FR viscose flame-retardant lining.

The moisture barrier prevents the ingress of water, but allows moisture through (much like a Drimac, but way more awesome), making the suit breathable and comfortable to wear. These suits also have specially designed inner ribs and cuffs to prevent fire incursion, with some retro reflective sewing thread and trim enhancing the visibility of the heroes and heroines.

MSA Africa also joins the blaze-battling hero cladding squad with its Gallet F1XF fire helmet. Loren Pearson, the company’s senior product manager of HEFHC (which stands for head, eye, face, hearing and communication), states that this next generation fire helmet will add substantial value to the local firefighting industry.

“The Gallet F1XF fire helmet boasts a number of exciting features including a stylish high-temperature resistant shell, which is available in two sizes (medium or large) to ensure a perfect fit for all user profiles. A high-temperature resistant face shield, which is available in a clear or gold coated option, provides extended coverage and field of vision in dangerous situations,”? she explains.

Additional benefits include a robust and user-friendly, head-size adjustment system, a padded and adjustable chinstrap with quick-release buckle, as well as a quick-fit, adjustable mask connection system for use with a helmet-mounted breathing apparatus face piece.

Pearson reveals that the modular construction of the Gallet F1XF is a new operational feature that allows for swift and effective care, maintenance and assembly of spare parts, while an extended impact liner provides additional side-impact protection. The Gallet F1XF fire helmet also boasts a selection of mounted headsets for enhanced communication capabilities through long-range radios, which saves time in critical situations.�

So there is an array of leading blaze battling PPE helping firefighters to conquer their inferno foes but, truth be told, the brave heroes and heroines are the rightful stars of the firefighting show. We salute you!

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