Clean air for top care

Clean air for top care

Donaldson Filtration Solutions discusses how more than 30 years of experience makes for best-in-class dust-filter technology.

In many industrial work settings, effective filtration is a decisive criterion for the successful protection of the environment, health and processes. Donaldson Filtration Solutions researches, develops and supplies innovative filtration systems for all types of dust, helping to improve air quality and increase production efficiencies in industry.

Donaldson offers air-pollution control with its complete range of cartridge filter units with innovative technologies including the Donaldson Downflo Evolution, PowerCore and Dalamatic dust-removal systems.

As the originator of the cartridge collector, Donaldson launched the Downflo Evolution cartridge dust collector in South Africa in June 2016, which was 30 years after the first cartridge collector was supplied in Africa.

Clean air for top careThe breakthrough performance of the Downflo Evolution family of cartridge collectors is the result of Donaldson’s drive to improve its products and exceed customer expectations.

Decades of industry experience have allowed Donaldson to produce a new, best-in-class dust collector capable of reducing equipment size and the number of required filters by up to 40 percent compared to a typical cartridge collector.

Featuring Donaldson’s Ultra-Web nano-fibre filtration technology, the intelligent design of a smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

“Donaldson is a technology and solutions-driven company committed to leading Africa and the world in the design and manufacture of filtration systems. The sustainable objective of the project engineers is to deliver products of high quality with increased efficiency in line with the protection of the environment and resources,” says Jacques Cato, general manager of industrial air filtration at Donaldson.

In one extremely small, yet powerful, package, the PowerCore dust collector handles high airflow, high grain loading and challenging particulate matter. It also fits into the smallest places. Changing out the filter is a quick, easy and clean process compared to that of traditional bag filters.

Clean air for top careThe PowerCore dust collectors combine award-winning PowerCore filter packs with a new proprietary compact pulse cleaning system. This combination delivers high filtration efficiencies not usually found in baghouse filtration.

Most suitable for ongoing process applications with high product reclamation, or the collection of high concentrations of troublesome dust with a high level of dust removal efficiency, the Dalamatic is a woven bag filter with automatic compressed-air filtration using the counter-current process.

The Dalamatic dust-removal system is available in two different designs: the Dalamatic housing filter, a standalone dust removal filter; and the Dalamatic built-in filter, a versatile dust removal filter that can be incorporated into a variety of different applications such as containers, silos, bunkers or transition points.

“As a result of the unique design of the Donaldson cartridge range of filters, no special tools are required to replace filter elements. We continually raise the bar in bag filter technology, providing the widest range of bag filters for any baghouse collector, with specific filter media suited to abrasive dust, high temperature dust, moist and or oily dust, as well as explosive and conductive dust,” says Cato.

Donaldson has a dedicated team responsible for aftermarket spares and provides a range of parts and filter media. The company’s Ultra-Web nano-fiber replacement cartridge filters and Dura-Life “twice-the-life” replacement bag filters are engineered with higher performance proprietary industrial air-filter media that improves efficiency, saves energy and extends the life of cartridge and bag filters. 

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