Cargo Carriers commits to B-BBEE excellence

Cargo Carriers commits to B-BBEE excellence

Transportation, logistics and supply chain service provider Cargo Carriers is responding to the South African government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) regulations with a host of initiatives in the pipeline.

In the 2016 verification, Cargo Carriers achieved a Level 3 B-BBEE rating, having improved its rating from a Level 4. There are many factors that can be attributed to this, including the Employment Equity pillar which has improved by 17 percent, while the Skills Development rating has increased by 12 percent.

“B-BBEE regulations talk to our company’s values and align with the “Cargo Way”. We have been very busy with projects and programmes to improve our scorecard and are very proud of our recent rating,” says Cargo Carriers audit and risk manager, Diana Padayachee.

As it values the importance of education, the company has placed a strong focus on training of disabled learners and diesel mechanic apprentices at its MerSETA-certified training academy in Sasolburg. Enabling employees to become decision-makers and honing their leadership skills is also high on the company’s agenda.

Procurement continues to achieve high rankings on the scorecard and has been increased incrementally since 2007, while the company continues to assist with development of suppliers and, therefore, continues to score highly in this regard.

Cargo Carriers is currently implementing an employee share ownership programme. “Providing shares to our employees is a way of thanking them for their loyal and dedicated service to our company,” says Padayachee.

Employee health and wellness programmes have been in place for many years, and now form a part of the Socio-Economic Development rating, which continues to receive maximum points on the scorecard.

“We are addressing all sorts of innovative ways to ensure our key stakeholders benefit from the regulations. Our commitment to our customers and government is unwavering as we transform our business to provide an even better service to all,” Padayachee concludes.

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