Brady brings safety procedures to your fingertips!


Brady is making safety procedures easier in a digital era through provision of visually instructive safety procedures that are accessible on one’s smartphone.

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a safe facility is information management. There are lockout or tag-out procedures, confined space permits, maintenance schedules and other important documents involved, which all need to be regularly updated and reviewed. Now lockout steps can be easily completed with step-by-step instructions on your smartphone!

Link360 Software is the first software to provide a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing and updating visual information.

Through Link360 Software, users can:
• Create clear and easy-to-follow, visually instructive safety procedures; and
• Quickly scale and deploy standardised and approved safety procedures across facilities.

Additionally, Brady offers a 30-day free trial of the Link360 software.

The Smart Lockout App sends the most recently approved, and relevant, lockout or tagout procedures from Link360 to the smartphones of coworkers servicing specific machines.

Coworkers receive one lockout instruction through their smartphones at a time and can confirm its completion before receiving the next step. The smart lockout app can send a report back to Link360 including all lockout procedure steps marked as completed.

You can discover the Smart Lockout App today!

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SHEQ Management

SHEQ MANAGEMENT is the definitive source for reliable, accurate and pertinent information to guarantee environmental health and safety in the workplace.
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