Bags of goodness!

Bags of goodness!

Now here’s a really nice feel-good story that has reached the eyes and ears of SHEQ MANAGEMENT. The fifth annual Diamond Route Conference recently took place at the De Beers Corporate Headquarters in Johannesburg. The Diamond Route required bags for storing conference notes, however, they decided to do more than just acquire bags; they also wanted to upskill and uplift disadvantaged South Africans … while cleaning up our environment at the same time!

Enter Eclipse Promotions, which provided bags made out of PVC billboard. These bags were specifically sourced because of their associated benefits – they are locally manufactured (by a team of previously disadvantaged South Africans) and they are produced from South African waste.

The talented team of bag producers started working out of the back of a garden shed with a couple of sewing machines two years ago. Thanks to the support of companies such as De Beers, the team has now relocated to a proper workshop with machinery for all aspects of billboard bag production. Today, the team comprises six full-time bag producers, and up to 15 people are employed during peak production periods.

Now isn’t that nice? Hats off to The Diamond Route and Eclipse Promotions!

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