Are SHEQ management systems really necessary?

Are SHEQ management systems really necessary?

Successful and profitable companies are constantly looking for ways to manage costs. But, as PAUL DE KOCK, managing director of Metrix Software Solutions, notes, it is foolhardy to cut costs when it comes to health and safety management systems. Instead, it makes sense – and cents – to invest in an electronic management system.

Employers that invest in workplace health and safety management systems can expect to reduce fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses. These result in cost savings in a variety of areas – such as lowering workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses, avoiding OSHA penalties, and reducing costs to train replacement employees and conduct accident investigations.

In addition, employers often find that changes made to improve workplace health and safety can result in significant improvements to their organisation’s productivity and financial performance.

Paper or electronic management systems?
But which is better: paper or electronic? A simple  comparison reveals that an electronic management system is likely to result in fewer injuries and occupational diseases than a paper based management system.   The costs associated with a single lost time injury can be far higher than the costs associated with the implementation of an electronic SHEQ Management system such as IsoMetrix.NET.

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