An all-in-one crime fighter

An all-in-one crime fighter

Recently launched in South Africa, the XCAT is a portable detection system for explosives, gunshot residue and narcotics that has been designed to deliver rapid, accurate results – all from the palm of your hand.

“Law enforcement will find it simple to use in crime scenes, where either the area, or person, needs to be screened quickly,” explains Michael Crossland, PSA Africa’s product manager.

“The mining sector will also find the device useful to establish whether unauthorised personnel have handled explosives. Ports, airports and national key points are always at risk of having illegal explosives, weapons and drugs brought into the country. The XCAT allows security checkpoints to test pills, powders, residue or liquids found on surfaces such as suitcases, boxes, packaging or hands.”

He adds that the complex optical XCAT allows for reliable testing of suspicious packages or people without exposing operators to the chemicals.

“No calibration, maintenance, interpretation or colour charts are required, making it very easy to use. The XCAT uses detection cards with specially formulated optical detection inks and software to identify the characteristics that are unique to each individual or group of chemically related analyses.”

Use this detection card to take a sample of the suspicious surface and insert it into the system. The unit will analyse the card and return the results within about two minutes, by means of a green or red light.

“Although new to South Africa, the XCAT is already in use in more than 20 countries worldwide. It has been exposed to extensive field trials ensuring its reliability and accuracy,” Crossland reassures.

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