Alco-Safe eases alcohol testing

Alco-Safe eases alcohol testing

Alco-Safe has launched its new Lion AlcoBlow RapidTest alcohol testing device for use in the workplace. The device delivers a fast, accurate “pass or fail” result using only a tiny sample of breath, without the need for physical contact between the subject and the instrument – enhancing hygiene and cost effectiveness.

It can also be used in both Active and Passive modes to ensure all employees can be tested quickly and efficiently, and that suspicious liquids can be checked for the presence of alcohol.  

Rhys Evans, director of Alco-Safe, explains: “Active mode requires a sample to be blown on the sampling cone, while Passive mode requires the operator to press a button, so that the device will draw a sample of breath from around the subject, ideally when he or she is speaking. This is not only ideal for testing uncooperative individuals, but also for checking the air above fluids to see if they contain alcohol.”

What makes the AlcoBlow RapidTest unique is its Lion Fuel Cell Sensor, which uses an electro-chemical fuel cell that creates a chemical reaction resulting in an electric charge in the presence of alcohol. This ensures greater accuracy compared to other methods, which react to other chemicals such as acetone and menthol, delivering false positives that could result in false accusations.

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