Add-on superpowers

As a regular occurrence in comics and movies, a superpower can be described as an ability (possessed by either a good guy or an arch villain) that way exceeds those displayed by regular folk like you and me. Alongside flight, super-strength and adamantium claws, the ability to be able to see light spectrums invisible to regular human beings definitely counts as one of the standard superpowers in various comic books today.

Of course, if there’s one thing Batman and Iron Man have taught the world, it’s that superpowers can be made through the proper use of science and technology. One good example is the Evolution 6000 series of high definition, thermal imaging cameras from Mine Safety Appliance (MSA).

Featuring a six-colour palette, as well as proprietary image processing filters, MSA’s latest technological “third eye” is specifically designed for handheld use in various industries, such as firefighting, law enforcement and anti-poaching units.

Suraksha Mohun, respiratory products manager at MSA, says: “The Evolution 6000 TIC offers many of the same benefits that have come to be expected from MSA products, as well as new ones to take user experience to another level. New and enhanced features include a high-clarity picture, laser pointer, proximity flashlight and built-in compass.”

Three models of the Evolution 6000 thermal imaging camera are being launched into the South African marketplace: Basic, Plus, and Extreme.

While all three models have received an impressive amount of technological tinkering, the 6000 Extreme has the added benefit of being able to capture and save video footage within the camera’s internal hard drive, enabling users to download pictures and video straight to their desktop. This feature greatly benefits the review and documentation for anything witnessed by its operator.

Whether there are Charles Xaviers and Erik Lehnsherrs in our universe or not, the fact still remains that, in a crisis, the more one knows about the situation, the greater one’s chances are of coming out of it unscathed.

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