Accurately measure mass and volume flow

Accurately measure mass and volume flow

Those looking to measure quantities of bulk materials on belts can now opt for a precise measuring process in the form of the Bulkscan LMS511 from SICK.

Until now, traditional belt scales have always been used. These are simple and cost-effective, but they do have their pitfalls. Operators tend to experience problems when it comes to the accuracy of the weight measurement. The low level of measurement stability and the sensitivity of these devices, particularly in harsh conditions, also interfere with the production process.

This process is a lot easier if the system can monitor mass flow as well as volume flow. This requires non-contact laser technology to be installed in rugged hardware suitable for outdoor use.

The Bulkscan LMS511 measures volume flow continuously in a non-contact process and also identifies the fill level and the centre of gravity of bulk materials on belts. And, thanks to multi-echo technology, it always works, regardless of the weather or the composition of the material at hand. Not even reflections in glass can disrupt the laser volume flow meter.

The laser beam detects the height profile of the bulk materials as well as volume and throughput, at sensing ranges of up to 20 m; for instance, large stones can be detected in good time, before they are able to block downstream system components.

The special housing design ensures that the Bulkscan LMS511 is rugged enough for outdoor use. It is installed above the belt, preventing it from being contaminated by the bulk materials.

Furthermore, the measurement process is not affected by horizontal forces from the belt’s rollers or plates. Functions for self-monitoring and auto-calibration increase the system availability and also reduce the maintenance work.

The scanner reports automatically when cleaning is due. This device can conduct measurements with the utmost operational safety, even in Siberian temperatures.

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