Accessorise for safety

Accessorise for safety

MSA – a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products – has developed a new range of accessories for its V-Gard helmets. This was sparked after a study by the company into the needs of users of helmets and face protection systems, revealed that candidates insist on solutions that are compatible with other personal protective equipment, such as earmuffs or filter respirators. 

The V-Gard Accessory System comprises of visors, visor frames and chin guards that have all been certified together as a full system in accordance with international standards – including ANSI/ISEA Z87, EN 166, AS/NZ 1337, GOST 12.4.023-84.

The benefits of the V-Gard visor frames include: depth adjustment, liquid runoff channels, ease of assembly and, most notably, optional additional protection against solid particles and liquids when the visor is raised. These frames come in three versions; a standard helmet mount, an earmuff mount and a universal version. MSA also offers the same range in high-temperature versions capable of withstanding temperatures of more than 177°C.

MSA’s matching range of visors also covers the most demanding face protection requirements including protection against: impact, chemical splashes with chemical compatibility testing, high temperatures, short-circuit electric arc and ultra-violet and infra-red spectra associated with gas welding, brazing and oxygen cutting applications.

One of the strengths of the V-Gard Accessory System is its chin guards. These can be easily attached to the visors for protection against upward splashes, projectiles – such as wood or stone chippings, glass shards, or any materials typically ejected when using rotating machinery such as chainsaws and angle grinders. The unique retractable chin strap also allows users the maximum possible movement range, if their heads have to be dipped or lowered, without any discomfort.

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