16 visuals to increase safety and efficiency

16 visuals to increase safety and efficiency

Brady has recently published its 16 Safety and Efficiency visuals on a downloadable document to help improve safety awareness in the workplace.

If one imagines a world without signs, it comes apparent how quickly we would get lost, how chaotic traffic would become, how much time we would lose, and how many accidents would result.

Signs contribute to making life safe and efficient, and in the workplace it’s no different, as 75 percent of knowledge is gained through visuals.

Signs can help you to:
• prevent accidents
• gain time
• be compliant with legislation
• quickly follow up on safety audits
• match industry best practices
• visualise machine operating instructions

By printing your own signs, labels and tags on demand, you have the power to create a leaner, safer and more productive workplace.

These 16 visuals can help employers communicate hazards, procedures and facility information to employees at a glance.

Prevent more accidents and be more efficient by discovering and printing your own signage when you need it with the help of Brady’s 16 Safety and Efficiency Visuals.

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