Gearing up for the 10th Africa Energy Indaba

The Africa Energy Indaba (AEI) will celebrate its 10th edition at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, from February 20 to 21, 2018.

This flagship annual event on the African business calendar correlates with the growth in energy on the continent, as the AEI is well-renowned for its focus in exploring and expanding on solutions for the energy future of Africa.

The AEI has been instrumental in facilitating exhibits, discussion, debate and networking amoung African governments and companies for the last ten years, and who remain actively involved in all areas relating to showcasing solutions involving major energy projects; rural energy solutions; urbanisation and energy needs; and the renewable and sustainable energy industry; and its management thereof.

Growth in Africa’s energy rose from 32 percent in 2010 to 35 percent in 2012, but with only 25 percent of the continent’s population currently having electricity access, it is estimated that $40,8 billion (R502 billion) a year is still needed to meet the Africa’s power-sector needs.

Accordingly, the 2018 African Energy Indaba conference includes crucial side events representing and focusing on the issues that highlight energy potential and solutions on the continent.

A case in point is the the fifth Independent Power Producers and Power Purchase Agreements Conference (IPP & PPA Conference), which will continue to expand on the important role of IPPs (Independent Power Producers) regarding the power shortages and load shedding in the various regions, and the increasing demand for energy amoungst the growing economies.

AEI 2018 will also underscore the expanding opportunities for projects using both renewable and thermal technologies. South Africa’s Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Power Producer’s Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) launched the IPP development boom in the region, encouraging investment across the continent in various technologies. Hence, 2018 promises to be another very active year for IPPs and energy projects throughout Africa. Currently, Africa is only beginning to tap its vast hydro, geothermal, wind and solar resources, and it already receives nine percent of its energy and 21 percent of its electricity from modern renewables.

Over the last 10 years, AEI has noted, amongst many other advances, epic gas discoveries in East Africa; which have attracted investment and increased fuel-supply options for power generation. Over the years, the AEI has been instrumental in highlighting Africa’s energy needs, while The United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative has attracted more than $120 billion in commitments for the sector in Africa. SE4ALL showcased High Priority Renewable Energy Projects at the 2017 event, attracting much-needed private sector participation.

As part of World Energy Council’s (WEC) Africa strategy, the AEI-facilitated African Ministerial Meeting and Indaba Energy Leaders’ Dialogue (IELD) gathers African energy leaders and stakeholders to exchange views on critical issues facing the energy industry in informal, off the record discussions.

The discussions at this AEI forum have as always centred on regional integration, scenarios outlook for the region as well as relevant policy implications, creating an exclusive opportunity for ministers to work together to find viable energy solutions on the continent.

With the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes, the Women in Energy Conference, another AEI side event, has highlighted potential leadership business opportunities, and the development of women in the African energy space, throughout the continent.

An important focus for AEI 2018, succinctly expressed by the former senior director of Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank, Anita Marangoly George, is: “…what we need is for stakeholders – governments, civil society, energy suppliers and consumers – to work towards achieving sustainable energy for all. Ending energy poverty by 2030 is something that we can achieve.”

Delegates interested in attending the Africa Energy Indaba 2018 can register here:

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